Team Member


Empowering Communities: A Digital Social Campaign Driving COVID-19 Safety Guidelines Adoption in Nigeria

Sensitive and privileged artefacts have been blurred for confidentiality reasons..

Client & Sector:

Health Empowerment and Livelihood Promotion (H.E.L.P) Initiative, in partnership with Grooming Centre and Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC)

Industry: Non-profit, Public Sector

Project Objective

Design and launch a digital social campaign targeting low income communities in Nigeria to facilitate the adoption of COVID-19 safety guidelines by the  Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) and World Health Organization (WHO).

Duration: 3 Months

My Jobs, Approach & Expertise:

I led the community research, stakeholder workshops, and design strategy sessions to gain deep insights into the specific challenges and needs of the community in relation to COVID-19.

Managing a dynamic cross-firm team, we developed and executed the campaign, collaborating with talented content creators, animators, digital artists, and voice-over artists. Drawing from our extensive understanding of the target community’s social and behavioral data, we crafted engaging scripts, brought compelling characters to life, and created captivating voice-overs.

Outcome & Impact:

Madam Glo 3D Animation Character
Madam Glory
Madam Rose 3D Animation Character
Madam Rose